3 Simple Ways to Reclaim Your Manhood

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More men are suffering from low-testosterone than ever before.

1 out of every 4 men over 30, to be exact.

Thanks to an abundance of unnatural influences –from food additives, to pesticides, to plastics– even young men are struggling with low testosterone now.

Unfortunately –and MISTAKENLY— many men believe these diminishing levels of testosterone are just part of aging…an unavoidable fact of life.

They couldn’t be more wrong and are dangerously underestimating the impact these imbalanced hormone levels are having upon their bodies.

In fact, testosterone is so critically important that, without it, the male body literally becomes female on a cellular level!

So today, let’s discus 3 simple ways to boost your testosterone and reclaim your manhood.

Tip #1


This is a big one. Most guys who struggle with Low-T don’t get enough zinc in their diet.

Why does it matter?

Zinc helps your body naturally produce more testosterone.

And if you’re not giving your body this raw material, it won’t be able to make the testosterone you need to build muscle and lose weight.

Oysters, raw or cooked, have a ton of zinc. Grass-fed beef is another great source of zinc.

If neither of those is an option, you can always opt for a high-quality supplement.

Make sure you get your Zinc!

Okay here’s your next tip…

Tip #2

You need more (and better) sleep.

A recent study found that men who don’t get enough sleep each night have MUCH lower testosterone levels than the guys who catch all their winks. In fact, sleep deprivation can result in testosterone levels of a man who is 15 years older than you!

There are a few ways to get better sleep.

First, try to go to bed at the same time during the week.

Consistency in your sleep patterns will train your body to prepare for bed so you have no trouble falling asleep.

Second, lower the temperature of your room. Drop the temperature to around 67 degrees and you’ll fall into a deeper sleep faster.

Third, invest in some “black-out” curtains. These are killer! For less than $50 you can eliminate most of the light in your bedroom at night.

All that light can disrupt your sleep so black it out!


Tip #3

Use your body’s natural “Alpha” cycle to boost your Testosterone, restore your drive and melt away stubborn fat.

Most men don’t know this, but your body goes through natural metabolic cycles throughout the day.

It’s why you have a burst of energy in the morning, you get tired after lunch and why you get a little bit of energy when you get home at night.

The most important cycle for boosting T is in the morning.

Exploit this peak of muscle building hormone by using this time for your regular exercise.

Implementing this tip together with the first two is a powerful strategy for boosting your body’s production of man-making testosterone.

But, just as importantly, there are a few things you need to avoid…

Danger Lurks Around the Corner

Did you know that there are 2 very common items that can absolutely RUIN your testosterone and steal your manhood?

And I bet they’re sitting in your house right now.

Some new and exciting research shows that removing these 2 items PLUS making one simple change to your morning routine can increase your T levels –big time!

You’ll discover how on the next page…

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  1. Shankar Khadia

    October 1, 2015 Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I benefit a lot from your articles. Getting enough sleep not only helps increase Testosterone level but it is a remedy for many other health problems. I like your suggestions. Withe warm regards. Shankar.

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