4 Reasons Why Every Diet You’ve Tried Has Failed

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Are you currently on a diet or have you been on a diet within the past 12 months? If so, you’re not alone. According to statistics from the Boston Medical Center, roughly 45 million Americans diet each year and spend over $30 billion on weight-loss products in an effort to get healthy and look better in a swimsuit.

But how many of these people actually reach their weight-loss goals? Not many.

Why is dieting so hard? No matter how good our intentions are, most of us will fail every single time. Do we all lack discipline and the ability to control our actions? Are we just weak-willed and destined to never lose weight?

I have some good news for you. Not being able to lose weight is not necessarily your fault. In fact, studies have shown there are common reasons why most diets fail. So even if you are determined and committed to sticking to the diet and losing the weight, it simply won’t happen.

Here are 4 reasons why every diet you have ever tried has failed:

1. You’re Dieting Instead of Changing Your Lifestyle

All change starts in the mind. When you go on a “diet,” you are telling yourself that it is only temporary, just until you lose X pounds and then it’s back to how you were eating. This of course will never work.

Healthy and sustainable weight loss is dependent on making better lifestyle choices. If you are focusing on depriving yourself of your favorite foods for X months, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. If instead you are changing your mindset to THINK and ACT differently about food and health, you are setting yourself up for success.

Sugary, processed foods may seem delicious to you, but if you really know what they are doing to your health, you wouldn’t pine for them or binge eat them. If you understand that moving your body a little more just three times a week will lower your blood pressure and help you to NOT have a heart attack, stroke, kidney damage or loss of vision.

Diet mindset = I won’t eat any ice cream for three months so I can fit into my bathing suit.

Lifestyle change mindset =  I choose to love myself by only putting wholesome and nutritious foods into my body and making sure I exercise.

See the difference?

2. You’re Impatient and Unrealistic

Most people that attempt to lose weight want to lose weight NOW! It doesn’t matter that it took them five years to pack on an extra 30 pounds, they expect that weight to come off in three months. Losing 30 pounds in three months is not only possible it’s downright dangerous.

You have got to be realistic about weight loss and you’ve also got to be accountable. If you have made lifestyle changes over the course of years that have resulted in you carrying around too much weight, then own up to that and commit to making lifestyle changes that will help you love yourself, lose the weight, and keep it off.

3. Thinking All calories are Equal

We’ve all heard the dieting mantra, “Eat less – move more.” According to many that is the formula for success with weight loss. But there are a couple of problems with this thesis.

First, many people take this idea to the extreme. A somewhat-active woman who would generally need about 1500 calories a day may decide to eat only 800 calories a day. It won’t take long before her body cries “Uncle!” You simply can’t live on few calories. And so this woman will one day, after a few weeks of basically starving herself, reach a point where she binges.  She would be much better off to approach weight-loss in a healthier and more realistic way by dropping her calories down 1200 and moving a bit more to burn fat.

The second problem with the “eat less – move more” mantra is it supposes that all calories are equal. But weight gain has so much more to do with how your body uses insulin. And how your body uses insulin is dependent on what kinds of foods you are eating and what the macronutrient ratio is.

If you are eating a diet that relies on carbohydrates for fuel, as most people eat, then your body will continue to pump out insulin and that insulin will continue to NOT ALLOW your body to burn its fat reserves, and you will continue to pack on the pounds.

This is the real equation you need to memorize: when insulin is high, you store fat. When insulin is low, you burn fat. Period.

Now let’s say someone eats a ketogenic diet, meaning they eat high fat, moderate protein, and very little carbs. Their body would turn into a fat-burning machine. There are people on this diet that don’t even count calories and still lose weight. And they reverse chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and hypertension at the same time!

So you see, not all calories are equal, and if you focus on calories to lose weight, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

4. You’re Lost When it Comes to Meal Planning

If you’ve eaten a certain way for years and now find yourself wanting to eat healthier, you may feel a bit lost when it comes to planning meals. But success really does come in the planning.

Those people who successfully lose weight and keep it off have learned how to plan, shop and prepare meals so they always have a healthy meal choice.

What if weight loss actually could be easier?

What if a doctor told you exactly how to prepare the PERFECT meal for weight loss and health? What if they told you EXACTLY what ratios your macronutrients should be in (so you turned into a fat burning machine)? And, what if instead of letting you go it alone, they sent you not only recipes each week, but an actual shopping list that was organized by ingredient type to make your trip to the grocery store quick and efficient.

How quick and efficient? Like you’re in and out in 15 minutes quick and efficient.

And, what if you could get this kind of help for less than $10 a month?

Sound too good to be true? Think again.

Perfect Meal Plans could finally be your answer to losing the weight and keeping it off. Sign up today.


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