Debunking the 3 Biggest Dietary Fat and Cholesterol Myths

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For decades, we were warned to avoid fat- and cholesterol-rich items such as full-fat dairy, fatty meats, egg yoks, nuts and butter and replace them with low-fat substitutes like egg whites, margarine and fat-free dairy items. This, they said, would help us stay trim and keep our cholesterol levels low.

But what has actually happened over the last 50 years?

Obesity has skyrocketed as well as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It would appear that following the low-fat low-cholesterol guidelines did far more harm than good.

So what gives? What is the TRUTH about dietary fat and cholesterol?

Well I’m glad you asked because I am about to share that truth by debunking 3 of the biggest dietary fat and cholesterol myths.

Myth 1: Eating Fat Makes You Fat 

Let’s tackle what is most likely the biggest myth out there and that is that eating a high-fat diet will make you fat. Well, as I just mentioned, the instances of obesity have only skyrocketed with a majority of us following a low-fat lifestyle. So how come so many people gained weight?

Because when you take fat out of your diet, you’ll need to replace it and you’ll most likely replace that fat with carbohydrates. And it is carbs that spike our blood sugar levels and gets us to pack on the pounds.

Ask yourself this: With the recent popularity of diets such as Keto and carnivore, where there is a great emphasis to eat high amounts of healthy fats, why are so many people that eat this way losing weight effortlessly and getting rid of diabetes, heart disease and a host of other health conditions?

Could it be that carbohydrates are the real enemy and healthy fat is an actual hero? It certainly seems that way.

Not only does our body require fat and cholesterol to be healthy, fat satiates us. When we eat a meal that has a high amount of healthy fat, we feel full and satisfied. This helps us not to become hungry quickly and snack all day.

Before I move on to the next myth, I just want to be sure I make myself clear: I am NOT giving you permission to eat as many donuts, cookies, ice cream and fried foods as you want. When I talk about fat and cholesterol I am talking about the healthy varieties.

Think fatty cuts of meat, egg yolks, avocados, nuts, full-fat dairy and olive oil. These are the healthy fats that will support and boost your health.

Myth 2: Cholesterol-Rich Foods are Bad for You

The same way that eating fat doesn’t make you fat, eating cholesterol-rich foods such as shellfish, whole eggs, full-fat dairy and organ meats does NOT cause your bad cholesterol to soar.

Not only that, but many cholesterol-rich foods are also loaded with important nutrients. For example, egg yolks have many beneficial vitamins and minerals including B12, choline, and selenium, while high cholesterol full-fat yogurt is packed with protein and calcium.

Again, it’s important to separate the healthy foods from the unhealthy foods. High cholesterol foods like fried foods and processed meats should be limited because they can cause weight gain and a spike in bad (LDL) cholesterol.

But there is more that needs to be said about LDL cholesterol, so keep reading…

Myth 3: Saturated Fat Causes Heart Disease 

This is a topic that needs to be put to bed, though it is still hotly debated among healthcare professionals. The truth is recent research shows NO correlation between saturated fat intake and heart disease.

This is where the confusion happens: Eating more saturated fat (found in eggs and fatty meats, for example) will raise LDL levels. This is why you’ll see a lot of keto or carnivore people share their bloodwork and they’ll point out that the LDL levels went up.

At this point, most doctors will FREAK out and say, “See! All that saturated fat gave you high cholesterol.”

But what they don’t look at, and they should, is that the LDL levels that are raised are of a specific kind of LDL, what is known as “fluffy LDL particles.” These are NOT linked to heart disease.

The LDL that DOES cause heart disease is a smaller, denser particle. Not only does eating saturated fat NOT raise this level, it actually DECREASES the level of these smaller, denser LDL particles.

But it gets even BETTER! Some studies have now indicated that eating saturated fats not only decreases the bad LDL particles, it also increases the heart-protective HDL cholesterol.

Now there are some fats that you need to stay away from and those are TRANS fats. Think of it this way, saturated fats are natural. They are found in full-fat dairy and fatty meats.

Trans fats, on the other hand, are MANMADE. They are made in a factory in fact. These are your vegetable oils that are used to deep fry foods and are in many processed foods and baked goods.

Nature-made good… manmade bad. Keep this in mind!

These are just a few of the myths that are out there that keep people sick. Hopefully you understand the truth and can now make better foods choices.

And speaking of making better food choices…

Do you know why people on high-fat low-carb diets have such an easy time losing weight?

It’s because when you eat high-fat and low-carbs your body is turned into a fat-burning machine. This isn’t a marketing pitch it’s hardcore science.

Our bodies were DESIGNED to burn fat for fuel, not carbohydrates. High-fat low-carb is how nature intended us to eat.

If you’ve been thinking about trying to eat this way but were confused how to get started, you are in luck!

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