Here’s How You Can Actually Lose Weight for Summer

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We are finally heading into summer in many parts of the country. For many people, this is the time where they quickly decide they want to lose weight so they can look good in their bathing suits and sleeveless shirts.

But how many of these people are actually successful at reaching their weight loss goals? No matter how hard some people try, losing weight seems next to impossible.

I have some good news. Losing weight can actually be very easy, provided you know some key information. And I’m going to share that information with you right now. By following these tips, you will actually be able to lose weight in a healthy manner for summertime.

  1. Don’t Diet – Focus on Changing Your Lifestyle

Here’s why diets traditionally don’t work: They are temporary fixes that cannot be sustained. You can’t eat only salad forever. Fad diets are just to help you lose a quick 5 pounds. And usually, once you lose the weight and stop the diet, the weight comes right back on.

You will be FAR more successful if you focus on changing your lifestyle. Healthy and sustainable weight loss is dependent on making better lifestyle choices. Change your mind. Change how you think about food and you will set yourself up for long-term success.

Here’s a typical dieting mindset: If I don’t eat these X foods for 3 months, I’ll get skinny.

Here’s a healthy lifestyle mindset: If I eat wholesome and nutritious foods, I will be healthy.

See the difference?

  1. Be Realistic

So many people quit on their weight loss goals because those goals weren’t realistic to begin with. When it took you 10 years to put on that extra 40 pounds, you’re not realistically going to be able to lose it all in 3 months. Attempting to do so would not only be unhealthy but downright dangerous.

You MUST be realistic about your goals. It’s a good idea to set smaller goals. While you may want to lose 40 pounds total, set up mini goals. “I want to lose 5 pounds in the next 6 weeks.” THAT is a realistic goal and when you reach it, you’ll feel good about yourself and inspired to keep going!

  1. Understand Calories

You’ve been told that in order to lose weight, you’ve got to eat less and move more, right? Well, that’s not exactly accurate. In addition, many people take this idea to the extreme. For instance, someone who may require 2000 calories a day, will attempt to only eat 800 calories and also work out like a madman. Your body simply can’t handle this stress.

Secondly, not all calories are equal, not by a long shot. Weight gain and loss hinges on how your body uses insulin. And how your body uses insulin is dependent on the types of foods you eat.

You see, insulin is the hormone that tells your body to store energy (glucose) as fat. When you have consistently high levels of insulin in your bloodstream, your body is constantly told to store energy as fat.

Susan may eat only 1200 calories a day, but if a majority of those 1200 calories are carbohydrates, then Susan will have consistently high levels of insulin in her blood and her body will always be in fat-storage mode.

Layla, on the other hand, may eat 1500 calories a day, but if she is eating a ketogenic diet where most of the calories are healthy fats and protein, and only very little are carbs, then Layla will easily lose weight, even though she is eating 300 more calories each day.

A calorie is not a calorie and if you focus solely on calories instead of the kinds of foods you are eating, you are setting yourself up for failure.

These three tips may seem deceptively simple. But if you follow them, you will be SHOCKED at how much more successful you will be at reaching your weight loss goals.

Here’s one more final IMPORTANT tip to follow: get some help on your weight loss journey. You may have the best of intentions, but if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about the body or nutrition, you’re going to struggle.

For instance, you’ve just learned a calorie is not a calorie. That’s really key. But do you have any idea how to put together the best meal plans that will help your body use insulin effectively so you can become a fat burning machine? Most likely not.

But we can help!

We work with a doctor who has helped countless patients lose weight and turn their health around. She has come up with The Perfect Meal Plan and she wants to share those meal plans with YOU!

Each month, she will give you the recipes and an easy shopping guide so you can eat the kinds of foods that will help the fat melt off your body. And no, that’s not pie-in-the-sky, that’s the truth. Your body was designed to store fat and then burn fat. She can help you eat the RIGHT way so your body EASILY burns the fat you’ve already stored.

Oh, and this expert help will cost you less than $10 a month.

If you could use some help getting into the best shape of your life for summer, then give Perfect Meal Plan a try.



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