How to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

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All over the country people are partaking in the same ritual: the putting away of sweaters and boots and the pulling out of swimsuits and flip-flops. Even if you don’t plan on wearing a bikini or Speedo and are more of the shorts and T-shirt guy or gal, you should still feel good about the skin you are about to expose.

The thing is, having clear, glowing skin all over your body is a sign of health, not vanity. And it doesn’t matter your age. Whether you’re 22 or 62, radiant skin can be yours if you take good care of it.

For gorgeous, smooth skin you’ll be proud to show off, follow these 3 tips:


Anyone who has ever painted the exterior of a house or a piece of old furniture knows that before you put a new coat of paint on, you’ve got to scrape the old paint off.

While we don’t suggest you scrape your skin, we do highly recommend you gently exfoliate it.


As old skin cells die off each day, new skin cells are born. But these new cells are often hidden by a thick layer of dead cells and other things like dirt and grime. Regular exfoliation gently lifts off the cells that are ready to be sloughed off without stripping your skin of natural oils. The result? Soft, radiant, youthful skin from head to toe.

Get into the habit of exfoliating with either a special soft brush, polishing cloth, or granular scrubs, such as a brown sugar scrub. The scrubs are best for the body while a soft brush or skin polishing cloth can work miracles on your face.

There are also products that chemically exfoliate the skin using ingredients like glycolic, salicylic, or polyhydroxy acids that help the skin shed its outer layer. These may prove harsh for those with sensitive skin, so consider more natural alternatives (like the ones above)

Remember, the idea is to lose the dead cells but to lose them as gently as possible.

Give Your Feet Some Love

Before you slip those sandals or flip-flops on, be sure to give your feet some love. They have been trapped inside boots and heavy socks all winter and are most likely dry and flaky right about now. Not exactly the skin you want to show off in public. And yet wearing sneakers all summer will make you hotter than you need be.

Here’s the solution to get your feet soft and smooth (guys, this is DEFINITELY for you, too!): Purchase a foot file or pumice stone at your local drug store and gently use it on your feet each night.

Afterward, apply a rich emollient cream or even Vaseline (really slather it on), then cover your feet in plastic wrap and then cotton socks. Yes, leave this on overnight. Repeat this every day until your feet are smooth. It’s a great idea to do this once or twice a week during the winter so your feet never become cracked and painful.

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Combat Stress

Most of us deal with our fair share of stress each day. When we’re stressed, our body reacts by releasing a cocktail of hormones (think adrenaline and cortisone) that are supposed to help our “fight or flight” response. These hormones, which make our blood vessels dilate and heart pump faster, have helped humankind run from danger and kill predators. Without our response to stress, we might have gone the way of the dinosaurs ourselves.

The problem is, most of us aren’t in real life or death situations on a daily basis. We don’t need to run from a hungry saber tooth tiger. Instead, we deal with chronic stress in the form of mortgages, heavy commuter traffic, and relationship trials. And yet, our body still pumps out these hormones in an attempt to get away from danger.

Now, you probably know that stress is bad for your nervous system and raises your blood pressure. You may have even heard that chronic stress can do damage to your GI tract. But did you know that stress can wreak havoc on your skin?

That cortisol I mentioned? That’s one of the culprits that makes your sebaceous glands produce more oil, causing you to break out with acne when you’re stressed. But it’s more than just acne – stress can worsen skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. It can also cause skin rashes, hives and a flare-up of fever blisters.

So, what are some ways you can, if not eliminate stress (that mortgage isn’t going anywhere anytime soon), at least lessen the effects?

Exercise is one way to eliminate stress. Moving your body as your ancestors did when fighting or fleeing burns through those hormones before they can wreak havoc.

Meditation is also a great way to feel calm and in control when life around you seems topsy turvy. Even just 20 minutes a day can do wonders.

And finally, there’s Sonic Wave Relaxation Therapy. If you’ve never heard of it, you’ll definitely want to read more about it. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to combat the effects of stress, Sonic Wave has the ability to lower blood pressure – permanently. Also, with this proven technique:

  • You’ll Prevent Heart Attacks
  • You’ll Lose Weight
  • You’ll Prevent Strokes
  • You’ll Slow the Aging Process
  • You’ll Prevent Cancer
  • You’ll Have More Energy
  • You’ll Experience Deeper, Better Sleep
  • You’ll Strengthen Your Immune System
  • You’ll Live a Longer, Happier, Healthier Live

Find out more about Sonic Wave Relaxation Therapy and why organizations like the American Heart Association and the Mayo Clinic are raving about it.

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