How to Make Your Immune System Bulletproof

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Spring is here and many people are focusing on getting their backyards and barbeques ready for another fun summer. But just because the weather heats up doesn’t mean you can’t catch a dreaded cold.

But how can you catch a cold when it’s… warm?

Unfortunately, summer and winter colds are caused by different infections. Cold symptoms can actually be caused by 200 different viruses, and each year between the months of June and October, roughly 10 to 15 million children and adults will become sick.

Whether it’s the dead of winter or the dogdays of summer, there are things you can do to boost your immune system. The first, and perhaps most important thing you can do, is understand how your immune system works.

Your immune system is just that, a system. It is not a single organ in the body but an interconnected response to disease and illness. A healthy immune system can defeat invading pathogens whereas a compromised immune system will allow the pathogens to take hold of the body and make it ill.

If you take care of your immune system, it will take care of you and keep you strong and healthy. Here are some ways you can support your immune system:

Avoid Sugar and Grains

Before we get into some of these bullet points, it’s important to mention that 80% of the immune system is located in the gut. That’s right, your immune system lives almost entirely in your intestines, AKA your GI tract, AKA YOUR GUT. So it goes without saying that gut health is paramount to immune system function.

Knowing this, it’s important to talk about diet. Apart from making you fat and exacerbating inflammation, sugar and grains can wreak absolute havoc on your gut, which in turn wreaks havoc on your immune system.

Wheat has been shown to stimulate the synthesis of pro-inflammatory chemical messengers (cytokines) in intestinal and immune cells, which ultimately lead to inflammation and disease.

Sugar is a no-no because it feeds the bad or harmful bacteria in your gut. Since you don’t want the bad guys winning, it’s important you cut out sugar and grains from your diet.

Handle Stress Effectively

Equally damaging is the stress in your life. While it may seem simpler to eliminate sugar and grains, you’ve got to do your best to, if not completely eliminate, then handle the stress in your life as healthily as possible.

There was a time modern medicine poo-pooed the connection between mind and body, but now many illnesses, including stomach upset and even heart disease, have been linked to the effects of emotional stress.

The first thing to do is get rid of unnecessary stress in your life. Cut out those relationships that do more harm than good. Start saying “no” more than “yes” so you no longer overextend yourself. Look for a different commuter route to work.

For those stressors that cannot simply be cut out of your life, find ways to deal with them and eliminate the impact. Exercise is a great way to deal with stress, as is meditation.

[Editor’s note: Combating stress shouldn’t be stressful. If you haven’t already done so, I’d definitely recommend checking out Sonic Wave Relaxation Therapy: Just 10 minutes a day has the power to reverse the effects of stress, support your immune system, and lower blood pressure. Click Here to find out more.]

Load Up on Sunshine

In many parts of the country, summertime means being able to enjoy the great outdoors more, and that’s a good thing, because Vitamin D is necessary for our body’s autoimmune system.

Take advantage of the pleasant weather and get outside more. Also, consider supplementing with a trusted and reliable Vit D source.

Get More Sleep

Summertime is a great opportunity for most people to slow down a little and enjoy time with their families. This is a good thing because a bulletproof immune system requires you get more than adequate sleep each night. Heck, your overall health requires you get good sleep each night, preferably eight solid hours.

A lot of studies show our T-cells go down if we are sleep deprived and inflammatory cytokines go up. This could potentially lead to the greater risk of developing a cold or flu,” says Diwakar Balachandran, MD, director of the Sleep Center at the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

It’s important that you take some time this summer to relax and focus on the things that really mean something to you, namely your health and your family. And, while your at it, get into the habit of going to bed at a decent hour so you can get quality sleep each night. This habit will help keep you healthy all year long.

Take a Quality Probiotic

As I already mentioned, the vast majority of your immune system is located in your gut. In order for your system to work properly, you have to have the proper balance of good to bad microbes.

Thanks to stress, prescription medications like anti-biotics and poor diets, most people are walking around with unhealthy guts. They simply have too many of the bad microbes and not enough of the good ones.

This is simple enough to reverse. Along with cleaning up your diet and dealing with stress, it’s important to get some probiotics in your diet. There are a couple of different ways to do this.

You can eat fermented foods like kefir and kimchi. The only problem with getting your probiotics this way is you have to eat quite a lot of fermented foods, and they only contain a few of the important bacterial strains your gut needs to function properly.

The other option, of course, is to take a quality probiotic. But with so many companies online touting themselves as the best, how do you know which probiotics will genuinely give you the bacterial strains your body requires?

We’ve solved this problem for you by formulating a probiotic like no other. Our Gut Rescue-10 contains a full TEN strains, and you only need to take 1-2 capsules daily.

And unlike many probiotic capsules, laboratory tests have shown Gut Rescue-10 survives the journey through your stomach acid. It heads straight to the intestines where you need help most.

Claim your own supply of Gut Rescue-10 today!

Having a bulletproof immune system ultimately means taking care of your gut. When you do that you can enjoy life instead of sitting on the sidelines with a cold, flu, or a far more serious illness.

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