The Major Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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The health benefits of coconut oil have been known by many cultures for millennia. Not only does it have the ability to destroy harmful microbes like viruses and protozoa, it also provides our body high-quality fat that is essential for optimal health.

A Great Source of Lauric Acid

About half of the fat found in coconut oil is lauric acid. In fact, coconut oil contains the highest amounts of lauric acid of any substance on Earth! Our bodies actually convert this acid into monolaurin, which is a monoglyceride that has the ability to destroy lipid-coated viruses such as HIV and herpes, measles, influenza, gram-negative bacteria, and protozoa such as giardia lamblia.

Medium Chain Fatty Acids

Coconut oil is comprised of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that are easily digested and absorbed across cell membranes. MCFAs are immediately converted by the liver into energy rather than being stored as fat. This is why coconut oil is so amazing when you’re in need of a quick energy boost. Plus, it doesn’t produce an insulin spike like many carbohydrates.

But What about the Saturated Fat?

We have been told for decades that saturated fat is bad for us; that it will raise our cholesterol and make us all have heart attacks. But what science is now showing us is that not all saturated fats behave the same in our bodies. Coconut oil, being high in lauric acid, is actually incredibly beneficial to our health.

It’s also worth noting that countries like Thailand, which eat very high amounts of saturated fats like coconut oil, have very low instances of disease on average. Individuals consuming a traditional Thai diet have less instances of heart disease and the lowest rates of cancer for all 50 countries studied by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Other countries known to consume high amounts of saturated fat, including some in the Mediterranean, show similar trends.

There is No Proof Saturated Fat Causes Heart Disease

Just the term “saturated fat” is enough to give us all the willies because it has been vilified for decades in this country. But there is no real evidence to back up the long-held belief that saturated fat raises cholesterol and increases our chance of developing heart disease. In fact, the lipid hypothesis has, by now, been largely discredited.

You need only look at the “oil timeline” in this country to get a clearer picture of the health benefits of good fats and the risks of “healthy” oils.

  • Currently coronary heart disease and other related issues are the number one cause of death in the United States.
  • Cardiology did not even exist as a specialty before 1940, when cooking with butter and lard was common.
  • Since the abolishment of saturated animal fats and replacement with “healthy” vegetable oils, instances of cardiovascular disease have risen sharply.

The truth is, saturated fats are completely necessary for cell function and growth and the star in the world of saturated fats has to be coconut oil.

Here are some of the amazing benefits coconut oil offers your health:

Coconut Oil Reduces Bad Cholesterol

As we mentioned previously, coconut oil contains lauric acid which has been shown to increase HDL, or the good cholesterol in the body, and helps improve cholesterol ratios overall.

Coconut oil can lower the bad cholesterol by converting it into pregnenolone, which is a molecule that is a precursor to many of the hormones made in our bodies. On top of this, coconut oil can help restores healthy thyroid function which in turn balances our cholesterol levels.

Coconut Oil aids in Weight Loss

Remember those medium chain fatty acids we spoke of earlier? Well, when the liver breaks these down it leads to efficient burning of energy. In fact, one study found that women who ate two tablespoons of coconut oil every day for 12 weeks not only didn’t gain any weight, they lost abdominal fat. That fat is particularly hard to lose and contributes to heart disease.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Nothing fights the effects of aging in the body like antioxidants. Coconut oil is loaded with antioxidants so consuming it can help protect our bodies’ cells from free radical damage. Oxidation is also the major cause of skin aging, so adding coconut oil to your diet can help you retain a youthful appearance.

Better Brain Function

Studies have found that the MCTs found in coconut oil may help improve the brain function in patients with milder forms of Alzheimer’s. The improvements were caused by higher ketone values (derivatives from fat that, besides glucose, are the only other fuel source the brain can function on). Coconut oil MCTs hold the key to improved memory and overall cognitive ability.

[Editors Note: Click here to Learn Why Alzheimer’s Patients have started using COCONUT OIL instead of Prescription Drugs]

Staves Off Infections

As we mentioned up top, almost 50% of the fatty acid in coconut oil is lauric acid. This fatty acid has the ability to kill harmful pathogens like viruses, bacteria and fungi. For instance, lauric acid has been shown to kill the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus, which is very dangerous, as well as the yeast Candida Albicans.

Coconut Oil is Great for Skin and Hair

Coconut oil is absolutely one of the best moisturizers for hair and skin on the planet. It can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment on the scalp for those who suffer from dandruff, and it can even be used as a natural sunscreen. Coconut oil is all natural and is safe to use as an after-bath lotion for infants.

These are just some of the many wonderful benefits of coconut oil. When you consider the fact that over one-third of the world’s population consumes coconut oil, and with amazing results, you have to wonder what has taken the United States so long to catch on to this incredible source of nutrition.

What about you? What do you love about Coconut Oil? Share your stories in the comments below!


  1. Emma Fung Chen Pen

    May 11, 2022 Reply


  2. Erica

    February 26, 2021 Reply

    Thank you for your information on coconut oil, going to start using it in my coffee.

  3. Marzana waters

    August 18, 2020 Reply

    Thank you Marlene for the information you given help me a lot.

  4. Glad I clicked on this site found out a lot of useful info right now I just use raw coconut oil in my coffee now I have other uses for it

    July 9, 2019 Reply

    I'm glad I clicked on this site of useful info until now I just used coconut oil in my coffee now I know other uses

  5. Esther

    June 22, 2019 Reply

    I apply it to my hair, but since I have been drinking it in my coffee, I'm more energetic.

  6. Bernadine

    July 24, 2017 Reply

    I had a venous ulcer problem and began applying coconut oil nightly to the affected area since then I have noticed a very visible improvement. I will continue this regime and commence the consumption also. To my whole body and beauty care, this is going to be added. Thank you very much for this informative and timely article.

  7. Roni

    November 23, 2016 Reply

    Hi I use Coconut oil to moisturizer/condition my eyelashes,it is a wonderful beauty staple for skin, hair, and lashes.

  8. Ben

    May 26, 2016 Reply

    I have several Samoan coconut trees on my property, in Hawaii. Coconut water is the best thing on Earth. Drink it three times a day you'll not injure your muscles or organs but lose weight. The meat can be grated and mixed with grated turnips and baked, then cut into squares for the most delicious thing you ever eaten. One thing this article didn't mention is--coconut oil is good for sex. Rub it on and get ready for a ride. Might want to avoid this if you are modestly overweight--because you can keep rolling and fall off. Everyone have a nice evening!

  9. Jeff

    December 30, 2015 Reply

    It's a great non-dairy creamer and sweetener in both coffee and tea. (Best with hot beverages - not so great with cold or iced.)

  10. Gwen

    December 13, 2015 Reply

    My business is residential and commercial cleaning, cleaners and water take a toll on my hands, stripping all natural oils away . My hands would get irritated, dry and crack.
    I started using coconut oil as a moisturizer, now they are soft and feel so much better.
    I am so happy to hear of the other benefits of coconut oil. I will be trying that as well.
    Thanks for sharing this info


    • Hamza

      January 4, 2016 Reply

      You're very welcome Gwen :)

  11. jumoke

    September 20, 2015 Reply

    Thanks. We used to use it for haircare when I was a child and I thought it was great. But I didn't know it has so many other great benefits like these. God bless you! Thanks for sharing!

  12. hassan basha

    September 18, 2015 Reply

    Oil I have been using since I was 8 yrs
    My never sent me to school with coconut oil now iam 50 today also use wonderful oil

  13. Mercedes

    July 8, 2015 Reply

    Women in the Philippines had been using coconut for hair and body centuries before the Spaniards arrived in the 16th century. They used coconut products to wash, condition, and moisturize hair. These products are a available today.


    July 8, 2015 Reply

    Friends, I hail from the south western part of India, from the state of 'Kerala' which is known now as 'GOD'S OWN COUNTRY' since it became classified as one of the must see destinations in year 2000 by the tourism industry worldwide and the UN. For thousands of years many region in south asia and south east asia has been using coconut oil as their staple. The cuisines of not only Thailand, but areas as wide and vast as Kerala, Sri Lanka, Java, Malaya, Indonesia, Polynesian islands and Fiji all depend heavily on coconut oil for their delicious dishes, either used in raw for dressing, sauteing or for deep frying. Studies that were done in Polynesian Islands upon very rare prevalence of heart disease in spite of using coconut oil and coconut kernel and coconut milk which is very commonly used lavishly in all the above mentioned cuisines, has been snubbed or brushed under by vested interests who want to market highly carcinogenic Polyunsaturated, chemically refined, hydrogenated and factory produced oil camouflaging it as healthy replacement for traditionally usage of oils based on knowledge and experience acquired through hundreds of years of observations and sustained well being. All these countries, provinces or states should come together, pool in resources and commision a very detailed and clinically analytical study on the benefits of coconut oil and publish it worldwide with maximum publicity....I wish....

    • Bruce

      July 9, 2015 Reply

      What a wonderful thought, Raman! We are in complete agreement that people in this country, as well as others, need to know the truth about this very beneficial oil. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

  15. Shankar Khadia

    July 8, 2015 Reply

    Dear Sir,

    We use coconut oil for skin and hair since it feels soft on skin and hair. There is no stickyness in it.

    I liked the messages sent by you. With regards. Shankar

    • Bruce

      July 9, 2015 Reply

      And the smell is also a wonderful bonus!

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