Why Water is The Magic Potion

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If you’re still feeling sluggish from holiday festivities, there’s a very good chance you’re dehydrated. When you think about all of the salty and sugary processed foods most of us chased down with alcoholic beverages, you quickly realize each one of our cells are screaming “Uncle!” and begging to be hydrated.

Of all the New Year’s resolutions you may have made, drinking more water should be at the top of your list. Here are 7 reasons why:

Aids Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, one of the best things you can do is drink more water. Many studies have found that sipping water throughout the day helps people feel fuller so they naturally eat and snack less. Less calories in, more weight lost.


Your body’s muscles power you, literally, but they need water to do so. Have you ever been at the gym and you just feel too tired to finish your weight lifting set? You had a good night’s sleep and a proper breakfast, and yet you’ve got zero energy. You’re dehydrated.

Your muscles need water to power your body, when they don’t get enough, you have less energy. For a burst of energy, try drinking water before you head to the gym and sip during your workout.

Clearer Skin

Because of poor food choices, prescription medications, and other environmental pollutants, many of us are walking around with high levels of toxins flooding our bodies. Some of these toxins have the ability to inflame our skin and clog pores, leading to acne. Drinking more water helps your body flush those toxins out. The result? Beautiful, clear skin.

Nutrient Transportation

Did you know that roughly 60% of your body is made of water? Maintaining the body’s fluid balance by drinking enough water is very important. This fluid balance is responsible for transporting essential nutrients as well as regulating our body temperature.

Kidney Health

All of those toxins I mentioned earlier get processed in the kidneys. Did you know the kidneys process roughly 200 quarts of blood each and every day, taking out the waste (toxins) and moving urine into our bladder? In order for our kidneys to remain healthy so they can keep us healthy, they need water, so bottoms up.

Better Focus

Mental fog can be attributed to many things like hypothyroid conditions and nutrient deficiencies, but one of the biggest culprits is dehydration. Want more clarity throughout the day? Simply drink more water! You will be amazed at the difference.

Joint Pain Prevention

Another common symptom of dehydration is aching joints. Instead of reaching for Advil or Tylenol multiple times a day, drink more water for healthier pain prevention. If you really want to help your joints be healthier in the New Year, add a quality Omega-3 supplement to your diet. (If you want to help your wallet be healthier in the New Year, get a FREE bottle of our UltraPure Omega-3 today.)

How to Drink More Water This Year and Every Year

So you already know why you should drink more water and have great intentions for doing so, but sometimes it’s just hard to incorporate it into our daily lives. No worries, here are a few ways you can easily drink more water this year and every year.

Drink a Glass Before Your Coffee

Most of us have a habit of drinking coffee first thing in the morning, but coffee can dehydrate us even more. Make it a habit to down a glass of water before pouring that cup of morning Joe.

Make it a Part of Your Daily Routines

Include drinking a glass of water to those daily routines you have. For instance, drink a glass after washing your face and brushing your teeth in the morning. Drink a glass while cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. Adding water to your daily routines is one of the easiest ways of drinking more.

Love Your Water Bottle

Whether it’s a person, technology, or a water bottle, when you love something (someone) you want to interact with it (them) more. Luckily there are numerous water/sports bottles on the market that are bright and colorful, or sleek and manly. Go for stainless steel or a heavy-duty plastic, polka dots or your favorite NBA team logo. When you love your water bottle, you’ll remember to take it with you wherever you go instead of forgetting it on the kitchen counter.

Mark Your Bottle

Another idea to help you drink more water is to buy a plain water bottle that you won’t mind marking up with either tape or a permanent marker. Using these, mark levels on your bottle with your drinking goals. For instance, you might have lines all up and down the bottle symbolizing how much water you will have consumed by 10AM, Noon, 2PM, 4PM, etc.. Having visual reminders of your goals will help you reach them.


It doesn’t matter how old we are, we all like to be rewarded for our efforts so why not incentivize your new hydration habits? Did you actually drink eight glasses of water each day of the week? Why not treat yourself to a manicure or some iTunes. Of course, where there are rewards, there must also be punishments. Did you have soda last night instead of water? Then no Game of Thrones for you tonight.

Use a Phone Timer

Sometimes we mean well but get too busy with work and life to remember to drink our water. In this case it’s a good idea to set a timer on your phone that will go off at certain times throughout the day.

Getting healthier this year… let’s ALL drink to that!

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